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<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a game machine showing a superior tastefulness in a flowing process of a game ball from an inflow into a big win hole till determining execution or non-execution of a big win game. <P>SOLUTION: This game machine is provided with a ball return passage 29 communicated with a ball return hole 30 of a dividing stage 25 in its upper part, communicated with a win passage in its lower part and communicated with regular win holes 22a and 22b via a communication part 24; and a ball guide members 32 shifting the game balls entered from the regular win holes 22a and 22b to a passing position X allowing them to flow down in a win passage, a retaining position Y retaining them therein, and a ball return position Z returning the game balls to the dividing stage 25; and when a prescribed guide operation condition is formed, executes a ball returning control operation returning them from the ball return hole position Z to the dividing stage 25. This constitution can vary the flowing process of the game balls flowing from big win holes 5 and 5 so as to provide a game having the tastefulness and fully arousing a player's interest. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】大入賞口への流入から、大当り遊技の実行又は不実行を決定するまでの遊技球の流動過程を、優れた趣向性を発揮し得るものとする遊技機を提供する。 【解決手段】振分けステージ25の球戻し口30と上方で連通し、かつ、入賞路と下方で連通すると共に、一般入賞口22a,22bと連通部24を介して連通する球戻通路29を備え、該一般入賞口22a,22bから入賞した遊技球を、入賞路に流下させる通過位置Xと、係留する係留位置Yと、振分けステージ25に戻す球戻位置Zとに変換する球案内部材32を具備し、所定の案内作動条件が成立すると、球戻し口Zから振分けステージ25に戻す球戻し制御作動を行うようにしたから、大入賞口5,5から流入した遊技球の流動過程が多岐にわたり、趣向性に富んだ興趣溢れる遊技を提供できる。 【選択図】 図6




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