Vibration control facility of bridge



【課題】簡単な構成で効率良く振動を抑制し得る制振装置を提供する。 【解決手段】橋桁2の中間部に一端部が前記橋桁2に固定され、他端部が鉛直方向に振動可能に設けられたバネ部材6と、このバネ部材6の他端部に取り付けられた錘7と、前記橋桁2に固定され、内部に液体が充填された液体容器9と、前記バネ部材6の他端部から前記液体容器9内に延在された連結棒8を介して取り付けられ、前記容器9内の液体10中に浸漬された攪拌体11と、により制振装置3を構成し、複雑かつ精密な構成を採用することなく、簡単な構成で効率よく複雑な調整を要せずに橋の振動を抑制する。 【選択図】図2
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a vibration control facility capable of efficiently suppressing vibration by a simple structure. SOLUTION: This vibration control facility 3 comprises a spring member 6 having one end part fixed to a bridge girder 2 in the middle part of the bridge girder 2 and the other end part fixed to a spring member 6 installed to be vibrated in the vertical direction, a weight 7 fitted to the other end of the spring member 6, a liquid container 9 fixed to the bridge girder 2 and filled with liquid, and an agitating body 11 installed through a connection rod 8 extended from the other end part of the spring member 6 into the liquid container 9 and immersed in the liquid 10 contained in the container 9. Thus, the vibration of the bridge can be efficiently suppressed by simple structure without adopting any complicated and precise structure and without requiring any complicated adjustment. COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI




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