Method for manufacturing electrophoretic display



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for manufacturing an electrophoretic display to which a photopolymerizable material is applied. SOLUTION: Electrophoretic display is attained by wrapping colored and charged particles with the photopolymerizable material. In the method for manufacturing the electrophoretic display, an assist substrate provided with a buffer layer is coated with a first layer of photopolymerizable material and a photopolymerization step is performed and the first layer of photopolymerizabale material after polymerization then undergoes steps required for the electrophoretic display such as conductive layer electrode fabricating. A second layer of photopolymerizable material mixture is applied to a substrate provided with a plurality of electrode patterns and the like, the assist substrate is aligned with the substrate and the first and the second layers of photopolymerizable material are positioned between the assist substrate and the substrate, the assist substrate and the substrate are bonded to each other in a mask exposure polymerization step and the phases of a charged particle solution and the polymerized material are separated, and finally the assist substrate is removed to complete the manufacture of the electrophoretic display of a single substrate. COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】光重合材料を応用した電気泳動ディスプレイの製造方法の提供。 【解決手段】色彩を有する帯電粒子を光重合材料で被覆させ、電気泳動表示を達成する。その製造方法は、第1層光重合材料をバッファ層を具えた補助基板に塗布して光重合工程を行ない、重合後の第1層光重合材料層に対して導電層電極等電気泳動ディスプレイに必要な工程を行なう。第2層光重合材料混合物を複数の電極パターン等を具えた基板に塗布し、補助基板と基板をアライメントさせ且つ第1と第2光重合材料層を補助基板と基板の間に位置させ、マスク露光重合工程で祖所基板と基板を結合させると共に帯電粒子溶液と重合材料の位相を分離させ、最後に補助基板を剥離して単一基板電気泳動ディスプレイの製造を完成する。 【選択図】 図15




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