Supporting structure of display rack rear end to support



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To easily adjust the inclination of a display board and facilitating detachment/attachment and replacement work by extremely easily and rotationally supporting the rear end of a display rack to a support member attached to the front face of a support without using a support pin or the like. SOLUTION: A left/right pair of support metal fixtures 25 having recessed grooves 27 which have opened upper ends facing diagonally front downward in the upper parts are attached to a plurality of upper/lower engagement holes bored in the front faces of left/right supports by engaging a plurality of downward hooked engagement jaws 26 continuously provided in the rear end parts thereof. Pivot rods 12 provided in the left/right both sides of the lower face of the rear end part in the side rod 10 of the display rack whose front part is supported by another support means and facing in the left/right direction are detachably and rotationally fitted toward the rear upper part into the recessed grooves of both the support metal fixtures. COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】陳列の後端を、支持ピン等を用いることなく、支柱の前面に取付けた支持部材に、極めて簡単にかつ回動自在に支持することにより、陳列板の傾斜角度を簡単に調節したり、着脱や交換作業等を容易に行いうるようにする。 【解決手段】左右の支柱の前面に穿設した上下複数の係合孔に、上端が開口された斜め前下方を向く凹溝27を上部に有する左右1対の支持金具25を、それらの後端部に連設された下向鉤状の複数の係合爪26を係合させることにより取付け、両支持金具25の凹溝27に、前部が他の支持手段により支持された陳列棚の側杆10における後端部下面の左右両側部に設けた左右方向を向く枢支杆12を、後上方に向かって挿脱可能かつ回動自在に嵌合する。 【選択図】 図5




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