Cooling system of hybrid electric car



【課題】エンジンおよび電動モータの運転条件に合った効率の良い冷却を可能にする。 【解決手段】エンジン用冷却系4とモータ用冷却系5とを循環用配管18,21を介して連通させると共に、その循環用配管18,21に停止時に通水遮断機能を持つ容積型のアシスト電動ポンプ19を設け、このエンジン用冷却系4内の水温とモータ用冷却系5内の水温とをそれぞれ検知するセンサ22,23を設け、これらのセンサ22,23の信号に応じてモータ用冷却系5の電動ポンプ15およびアシスト電動ポンプ19を駆動する。 【選択図】図1
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To enable efficient cooling to meet an operational condition of an engine and an electric motor. <P>SOLUTION: An engine cooling system 4 and a motor cooling system 5 are communicated with each other via circulation pipes 18 and 21, and a displacement type assist electric pump 19 with water shut-off function when stopping the pump is provided on the circulation pipes 18 and 21. Sensors 22 and 23 to sense the water temperature in the engine cooling system 4 and the water temperature in the motor cooling system 5 are provided, and an electric pump 15 and an assist electric pump 19 of the motor cooling system are driven according to signals of the sensors 22 and 23. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI




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