Dc motor and fuel pump using same



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a DC motor which is easy to be manufactured while being a unit of a commutator and a spark quenching element, and moreover, which can be easily mounted to a shaft of an armature. SOLUTION: The DC motor is constituted by using a commutator device composed of an insulation holding body 15, which is formed so as to hold a commutator piece 12 and a conductive terminal piece 14 in the arrangement state of a prescribed flat type commutator, and so as to make the commutator piece 12 capable of contacting a brush 6, a recess 17, which is formed so that adjacent conductive terminal pieces 14 are exposed to each other on the rear face side of the insulation holding body 15, and the spark quenching element 18 connected between the exposed conductive terminal pieces 14 in the recessed part 17. COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】整流子と火花消去素子をユニット化したものでありながら、製造が容易で、しかも、電機子の軸に対する装着も容易な直流電動機を得る。 【解決手段】整流子片12と導電端子片14を、所定の平形整流子の配置状態に保持すると共に整流子片12がブラシ6と接触できるように形成された絶縁保持体15と、絶縁保持体15の背面側において隣接する導電端子片14が互いに露出するように穿設された凹所17と、この凹所17内において、露出した導電端子片14の間に接続された火花消去素子18とによる整流子装置を用いて構成した。 【選択図】 図2




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